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Magnetic Key Fobs

Exotic Leather - Magnetic Key Fob

This is Paul&Rubio’s latest creation using scrap exotic leather that we used to just throw away because it was too small to use for anything.  I got this idea using an oval punch that we had for another project.  I was always getting frustrated in the mornings if I was in a hurry and couldn’t find my keys.  The old habit of just walking in the house after a busy day, throw your keys on the counter, drop into a drawer, leave in your pants pockets, etc…..  Now all I do is walk into the house and throw my keys on the fridge.  Literally, “throw” my keys onto the fridge and they stay there until the next day because of the rare earth magnet that I have put inside of the custom key fob.


I found some small ‘D-rings’ while on vacation last year in AZ.  They come with a small screw tip clevis pin that is put through a hole in the leather that I punch.  I decided to reach out to the owner of the business where I purchased them and he gave me his contact info.  I put an 1″ rare earth magnet inside and we use Kangaroo for the inside and backing.  We have all kinds of random exotic leather we can use for the face of the key fob including – Elephant, Hippo, Alligator, Crocodile, Snake Skin, Stingray, Shark, Lizard, Ostrich, Beaver Tail, Hair-on Cowhide, Wildebeest……  If you have a leather / hide you would like to send us, I am sure we can make a custom exotic leather, magnetic key fob for you.


Paul&Rubio have also started doing some custom logo stamps and Bible scriptures for businesses & organizations, etc….  We can stamp initials & numbers into the Kangaroo as well.  So if you are thinking of gifts for clients this year with a company logo, name or scripture stamped into the leather please let us know.  You can contact me directly.


Dennis ‘Paul’ Dotson

(940) 597-2681